Fake Bake Tanning

  • Fake Bake products contain a wash-off cosmetic guide colour to make application easy.
  • Fake Bake gives longer lasting (up to 50% longer than self-tans), more natural-looking results.
  • Fake Bake is made from only the finest naturally derived ingredients.
  • Fake Bake self-tan regimes offer a variety of skincare benefits – anti-ageing, anti-oxidant protection.
  • Fake Bake products are pleasantly fragranced and don’t leave the strong smell often associated to other self-tans.
  • Fake Bake products are not tested on animals.
  • Fake Bake products are free from parabens.
Fake Bake Tan


  • 1 hour £40.00 (includes full body exfoliation and full body)
  • 20mins £20 Spray Tan
Please wear loose clothing and avoid deodorants’ and moisturisers on the day of the tan.