Semi-Permanent Makeup

Permanent CosmeticsSemi permanent makeup is the placement of organic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin using the most advanced technology.

Semi permanent makeup may be used to ENHANCE your features or to create perfectly applied makeup so you look your best at all times.

Using her creative skills, Natasha can create the perfect result for you: defined eyes, perfect brows and fuller, contoured lips.

Each clients individual features, skin tone and expectations are discussed in depth during a thorough consultation, so together we can ensure maximum satisfaction.

Consultation – Free

Eyebrows Hairstroke
Eyeliner Lash Enhancement
Regular Eyeliner
Top Lid
Bottom Lid
Lips Lip Liner
Fuller Lip Liner
Full Lip Blush
Beauty Spot £50
Colour Boost / Re touch 12-18 months
after 18 months
Consultation Required

Enhance Permanent CosmeticsAll prices include an extensive consultation, followed by the first treatment, with a second 4-6 weeks later.

A colour boost is recommended to keep it looking fresh.

Older than 2 years will require 2 treatments again but returning clients will receive a 30% discount.